The Goat Life is the true story of Najeeb, a man who leaves behind his wife, mother and his unborn child and goes from the lush green lands of Kerala, India – famously referred to as ‘God’s Own Country ’ - to a desert country in the middle-East in search of a better life, a better future. In this leap into the unknown, Najeeb is forced into hard labour on a goat farm in the desert for years, loses all hope and his very identity. It is the touching story of his battle with extreme alien climatic and living conditions where he is cut off from his family and everyone who speaks his language. Battling both inner and outer demons, with just goats and camels for friends, armed with only hope and his spirituality as weapons, Najeeb embarks on a war with his destiny.

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Every breath is a battle

Director’s Note

In our world, towering sanctions and barbed wires confine the dreams of those dwelling in lands like Myanmar, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and countries from the continents of Africa and South America. They have been marred by distressing events, that have a profound impact on the world. Many of them leave their home lands, resort to crossing borders, face ethnic conflicts, and political and communal interventions in their efforts to seek employment abroad to improve their life. Behind every single person who ventures with grand aspirations, countless tearful eyes await their return to their homeland. Occasionally, people disappear amidst the harsh realities of exile, and their tragic tales deeply resonate with many. It's a time when justice appears distant, as individuals grovel before others just to secure a meager piece of bread. Unfortunately, even in this modern era, there are places where a few wander into the desert, losing themselves and meeting their demise due to thirst. In contrast, my homeland, Kerala, a state in India, is a place teeming with inspiring life stories where individuals have ascended from humble huts to magnificent palaces.

Among these vibrant narratives, “The Goat Life” (Aadujeevitham) movie, stands out as a poignant journey of a man who clings to his last breath while striving to reclaim his life. The filming of The Goat Life ( Aadujeevitham ) commenced in 2018 and only concluded in 2022. During this period, a dedicated crew spent approximately sixty-five days in the desert, enduring quarantine measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The filmmaking process itself became a test of endurance and resilience for the cast and crew, mirroring the themes of survival that run through "The Goat Life." (Aadujeevitham).


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